About us

A family-oriented company culture is one of the strongest assets of Panties for Bitcoin.

After 40 years of working in the intimate apparel industry, we found a new passion, Bitcoin.

"Discovering the Bitcoin world and learning about digital currency was phenomenal; a peer to peer electronic cash system, global, secure, decentralized, transparent, permission-less, fast and cheap. Bitcoin currency's transactions are the future of the modern world that stand for freedom"

With the involvement of the third generation in the business, this passion challenged us to combine the experience and love for clothing design with the awareness of Bitcoin. Thus, Panties for Bitcoin was born.

On May 22, 2010, the first real purchase took place when two large pizzas were bought with Bitcoin, establishing the famous day, pizza for Bitcoin. It was the first ever deal in history, marking a milestone of adopting Bitcoin for an everyday transactions.

We believe that Bitcoin is changing the world and we want to be part of this transformation. Educating about Bitcoin is the key to making it happen, embracing its values and supporting the Bitcoin community.

With the desire to share our values, we are looking to provide the Bitcoin community the opportunity of an e-commerce that is centered around passion and confidence in our products and Bitcoin.

Live free!
BTC – Be Truly Confident
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